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How to successfully sell you property in 2021

2020 saw a property market boom, with the pause of stamp duty preventing the market from dropping as a result of the pandemic. 2021 is set to see the same demand for moving, as the pandemic has brought to light many faults and flaws with where we are living (having spent so much time at home this past 12 months!). With a shortage of homes for sale and an increase in buyer numbers there has never been a better time to sell a property.

What can you do to improve your selling chances?

Firstly, set your expectations. Have you got the time to be part of a chain? Are you looking for a quick sale? Do you need the money from the sale in order to progress to buying a new property? At Green and Parry we would not recommend accepting an offer from a buyer with an incomplete chain so make sure you have clear expectations of time and what you will and wont accept from offers.

Having realistic and clear expectations of what you would like your property to be sold for is equally as important as deciding what you will and won’t accept about the type of buyer and chain.

Research your local area, what similar properties are available and for how much; and take in consideration the properties condition, and your buyer preferences. Once you’ve done your research our fantastic sales team can come to value your property. We will discuss with you where we would place your property in the current market, why and what level of interest we would expect. It is at this time you can discuss with us your preferences on price and why, and we can determine the best sale price for your home.

Once you’ve decided on selling your property, and have decided on what you will and won’t accept it’s time to get the marketing ready.

Is marketing important for selling my property?

In short, yes. You have approximately 8 seconds to make a good first impression; and now more than ever this is usually predominantly online. Our dedicated team of photographers and advertising specialists are on hand to make you’re your property shines online.

Now wait for the viewings to begin!

Are you prepared for viewings?

Our last top tip for selling your property successfully in 2021 is to make sure that you are prepared for viewings.

Remember, we need to make the best first impression. Our sales agents and Green and Parry will be there to professionally and whole-heartedly represent you in the best possible light, selling your property as you deserve; but we need your help.

Please make sure that your property is available for viewings as much as possible and that when a viewing is booked in, that your property is presentable and showcasing it in the best possible way. We are happy to phone ahead or take copies of the keys to ensure we get as many viewings for your property as possible, and that your house is presented in the best light.

If you need help and support selling your property this year, contact our friendly and experienced team at Green and Parry Estate Agents.

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